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At Hampson Horns, we know that the journey to master the horn is ongoing.

Whether you are a professional, student, or amateur player, we can help you find your next horn to:

  • Increase your versatility,
  • Expand your repertoire, 
  • Refresh your technique.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to expand our own knowledge – by finding new horns (well, mostly old, tried & true horns), techniques, & tips – so that you can play with confidence. 

And, if you need it, we promise to provide ongoing support to make sure that you get the most out of your new horn.

About James

How he got started and why he loves serving the Horn community through Hampson Horns

We love supporting the next generation of horn players!

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7-day trial

We understand the importance trying out an instrument before committing so your first 7 days after purchasing a horn are considered a trial.  Our goal is that you find the right match for your needs so you can play with confidence.